Your smart home just got even smarter.

The redesigned Google Home app brings enhanced camera features, powerful automation updates and new ways to use the Google Home app across smart devices1,2 including the brand new Pixel Tablet. Controlling your smart home is easier – and more enjoyable – than ever.

Your Google Home app, your way.

The Google Home app is now more organised and easier to use across devices. Enjoy updated views, easier navigation and even more ways to access your smart devices.

The rebuilt Google Home app. Now more personalised than ever.

The totally redesigned app has a new five-tab layout that's easier to navigate. Pin your favourite devices to your home view to see multiple camera live streams right when you open the app. Plus much more.


The Google Home app displays camera views on a mobile device.

The new Favourites section makes it easier to access the things that you care about most. See your favourite devices, automations and actions all in one place.


The Google Home app displays smart devices on a mobile device.

Find all your compatible devices quickly in a simple list view. Check the status of your devices1,2 with ease. See if your office light is on or your kitchen speaker is still playing, with just a few taps.


The Google Home app displays the automations view on a mobile device.

Customise your smart home so your devices do what you want, when you want, with automations3 in the Google Home app. Automate your home around your schedule to save energy while you're away, and enjoy your favourite comfort settings when you arrive home.

Activity and settings

The Google Home app displays motion activity on a mobile device.

Use the Activity tab2 to better understand what’s happening in and around your smart home. And easily find and manage devices, services and members in the Settings tab2.

Improved camera features give you added support.

Live video

View live video from your Nest cameras and doorbells, directly from the home screen in your Google Home app2.

Video history

Quickly find the footage that matters to you with quick switching between views, plus fine-level video history scrubbing2,4.

Check in on home. Right from your browser.

Google Home now lets you see live feeds of your Nest cameras and doorbell2, all in one browser view.

A hand holds a docked Pixel Tablet displaying the Google Home app.

Experience your smart home like never before with Pixel Tablet.

Enjoy a smart home experience that launches right from your Pixel Tablet. In Hub Mode2,5, everyone in your home can control smart home devices. And with the fully integrated home panel, you have even quicker access to your personalised favourites.
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A person adjusts a watch displaying the Google Home app.

Get more control on the go with Google Home for Wear OS.

Set the temperature1,2 and turn on the lights before returning home from an evening walk. The latest updates to Google Home for Wear OS allow you to change the color of your lights, change the temperature on your air conditioner, and control compatible smart locks – right from your wrist1.

Automations that are anything but routine.

With Google Home, easily create helpful automations3 with your compatible devices. Schedule your cameras to turn on at night. Have your vacuum start cleaning in the morning. Dim your lights to a lower brightness when you leave the house. And much more.
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Make your devices do more for you.

Two people stand at the front door of a house.

Turn off the heater when everyone's away3. Turn on your garage lights when motion is detected3. Lock your doors every night1,4.

Peace of mind is automatic.

A person sits on a sofa under a blanket, reading from a tablet.

Lock the front door, arm the security system and turn on your cameras at the same time each night – automatically3,4.

Sit back and relax.

A person sits on a patio floor with a smartphone.

Wake up to energising music as the sun rises and turn on your TV3 with Chromecast6 to play the news. On Friday nights, change your lights’ colour and play your favourite podcast3.

An image of an open web browser with the Google Home automation script editor on screen.

Create the automation of your dreams.

With the all-new script editor now in Public Preview, you can easily create and edit powerful automations using a flexible tool.

Use camera events like 'package detected' to initiate automations and write custom notifications to keep your household informed. Discover more possibilities with access to nearly 100 starters and actions, as well as advanced logic, and make the most helpful automations imaginable.

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Chromecast with Google TV in your smart home.

Google TV takes streaming and live TV to the next level, bringing together your favourite entertainment from across your apps and organising it all, just for you6,7.

A person stands in a kitchen, using a smart phone.

Try new features and updates.

Public Preview gives you early access to the latest Google Home app features before they're broadly available. Request an invite in the Google Home app today.
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