Your Google Home does more with Matter.

Learn how Matter makes selecting and setting up your smart devices easier than ever.

Simplify your smart home.

Matter gives you more choices so you can build your smart home your way. And getting started is easier than you may think.

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Your home may already be ready for Matter.

Many of your favourite Google devices1 – like the Nest Hub and Nest Mini – act as a hub for Matter, connecting and controlling your favourite Google and Matter devices so your smart home is more responsive and reliable.

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Adding Matter devices to your Google Home is easy.

Many manufacturers of your favourite device brands are updating your existing devices to work with Matter through over-the-air updates. If you are looking for a new device, simply look for the Matter badge on packaging and online.

Set up and get started in just a few taps.

With Matter, you can spend less time setting up your smart home and more time enjoying it.

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Connect devices quickly with Fast Pair for Matter on Android.

Fast Pair for Matter makes device setup a breeze.Once your Android phone2 or tablet detects a new Matter device nearby, it automatically walks you through setting it up in the Google Home app; no more account linking or switching between apps.

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Get the most out of your Matter devices with automations.

Once your devices are set up, explore all the things they can do in the Google Home app. Create powerful automations3 directly from the app to help streamline your life at home.

Matter works with Thread for even stronger connections.

Thread is a wireless technology like Wi-Fi, but built specifically for smart home devices. It helps extend the overall strength, capability and reach of your Matter devices. Compatible Google devices – including the Nest Hub (2nd gen), Nest Hub Max and Nest WiFi Pro – already have Thread border routers built in.

Thread Wi-Fi
Self healing Creates a mesh network, so your connection is stronger. included not included
Long range Easily reaches your backyard devices from inside your home. included included
Low power Most devices can last longer between battery changes. included not included
Easy to add to your home No separate hub needed with a compatible, Matter-enabled Google device4. included not included
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Use Matter devices with multiple smart home platforms.

Matter was created to give you more choice and flexibility when it comes to building your smart home. You can share control of your Matter devices with your friends and family, even if they use a different Matter-enabled app or platform.

Frequently asked questions.

What is Matter, and how is it different from existing technology?

Matter is the new universal standard for smart home devices. Many smart home devices today aren't compatible with each other because they use different standards and protocols. Matter was specifically designed to ensure that devices from different manufacturers can talk to each other. The result is a more interoperable smart home; more choice and better experiences for you, the consumer. What's most unique about Matter is that it's a secure, open-source technology developed by the Connectivity Standards Alliance, which means that it's not tied to any specific brand or company. Smart home industry leaders like Google, and hundreds of smart home device manufacturers alike, have committed to supporting Matter, which will help ensure that Matter is the industry standard in the future.

Why do I need a Google Matter-enabled device to get started?

Google Matter-enabled devices, like the Nest Hub (2nd gen) or Nest Mini, act as a hub for your Matter devices so they can communicate with each other. Matter is designed to work locally over your existing home wired Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Thread networks. When you add a Matter device to your Google Home, it joins the same network as your Google device that works as a hub for Matter, which lets you control it whether you’re home or away5. For more information on Google devices with Matter, including the full list of enabled devices, click here.

Will I need to re-purchase all my smart home devices?

Matter means you’ll have more flexibility and choice when it comes to growing your smart home, but it doesn’t mean you have to completely start over. Some device manufacturers will send over-the-air updates to existing devices so that they support Matter. Regardless, your Works with Google Home devices are still fully supported, and you’ll get the same great Google Home features either way. A good shorthand is to look for either the Works with Google Home or Matter badges when looking at devices.

Which types of smart home devices are supported by Matter?

Right now, Matter supports smart lighting and plugs, door locks, thermostats and HVAC controllers, blinds and shades, home security sensors, TVs and streaming video players and bridges and wireless access points. As the Matter standard expands, more smart home device types will become supported.