Smart home automations for pets

How Google Home can help make pet care easier

Golden retriever sitting and smiling Golden retriever sitting and smiling

Find out how Google Home can help you brighten up your pet's day

Google Home is here to help you take care of your home and everyone in it. And the good news is, that includes your pets.

We can help you build the smart home that your pets deserve and ensure that they can reap all of the benefits of a fully integrated, connected home.

How do I go about it?

Google Home's automation capabilities let you dream up ways to make your life – and your pets' lives – easier and more fun at home.¹

It's easy to set up automations in the Google Home app. If you're looking for something more advanced, the script editor on Google Home for web allows for even more customisation.

Here's a selection of our favourite automations for pets that you can create in the Home app or using the script editor.

Key takeaways

Google Home isn't just for the humans in your house

We've curated seven automations to help make your pets' lives better at home

Let us know your favorites - or your own ideas - on the Nest Community forum

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Brighten up the end of the day

Help ease pet anxiety

Automatically turn on the lights at sunset.

If you're held up getting home, the last thing that you want to think about is your pet sitting alone in an empty, dark house. Why not brighten up the end of their day by setting the living room and bedroom lights to come on as the sun sets?¹

This automated lighting to ease anxiety means your pet will know that it's not long until you're back on the sofa for play time – and maybe a treat or two.

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Get back to nature

Mirror your pet's natural environment

Set up the lighting in your pet lizard's tank to help keep them happy during the day and sleepy at night.

One thing that keeps pet lizards happy is when the lighting in their tank matches what they would experience in nature. When it's daylight, they need brightness. When it's nighttime, they like the lights low.

You can help keep your pet lizard happy by setting a smart plug (connected to their tank's basking lights) to turn on at sunrise and turn off at sunset.¹ This way, their waking hours will be happier – and their sleeping pattern will be improved.

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Keep them cosy while saving energy

Warm up your pet's bed

When no one's at home, you can save energy and keep your pet cosy by turning on a warming pad.

During colder weather, we want our heating to be as efficient as possible – especially when no one's at home. But we also want our pets to be warm.

One way to accomplish both is with a Home/Away routine that sets your thermostat to Eco mode and turns on a smart plug connected to your pet's warming pad when the last person leaves home.¹ This way, you'll save energy, but there will always be somewhere warm for your pet to snooze.

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Light the way (but not too brightly)

Help your pet on adventures

Use low-mounted motion detectors to turn on dimmed lights in halls or rooms at night.

Our cats and dogs often want to go exploring in the house in the evening. Perhaps they want to check on a strange noise that they think they heard.

Why not set the hallway lights to 20% if motion is detected at your pet's level?¹ That way, they can head off on their nighttime adventure without causing any disturbance for the rest of the household.

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Sound the alarm

Keep your pet bird safe

Send a custom notification if your pet bird flies the nest.

We all know how much fun it is for our pet birds to fly freely around the house. But we don't always want this to happen when we're not around.

To help with this, you can put a contact sensor on your pet bird's cage door.¹ If the door opens, you'll receive a custom alert, meaning that you can dash home and attend to the situation to help keep your bird safe.²

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Give them a televisual treat

Keep your pet entertained

Turn on a pet-friendly TV show when your pet's at home alone.

If all members of the household have gone out for the day and there's no one to keep your pet company, why not brighten up their day by turning on a pet-friendly TV show when they're in the living room?

You can set up an automation so that the Chromecast³ will turn on if the camera detects your pet while the Home is set to 'Away'.¹ This way, you can keep your pet entertained even when you're away.

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Ring the dinner bell

Don't forget to feed your pet

Send a custom notification if your pet's food container hasn't been opened by dinner time.

Much as we love our pets, there are times when we simply can't remember if we fed them or not. This automation means that you'll never forget to feed your pet again.

Simply put a contact sensor on your pet's food container.¹ You can then set it up to send a notification if the container hasn't been opened by dinner time.² This way, you'll be reminded to feed your pet – no matter how busy you are.

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