Your smart home just got even smarter.

The updated Google Home platform brings more powerful automations, new ways to view your cameras, and universal technologies to your smart home. All beautifully organised in the redesigned Google Home app.1

The redesigned Google Home app.

It's more personalised, organised and easy to use. Welcome to the totally new Google Home app, now available in Public Preview.

Try new features and updates.

Public Preview for the Google Home app gives you access to the latest features before they're broadly available. Learn more

The rebuilt Google Home app. Now more personalised than ever.

The totally redesigned app has a new five-tab layout that's easier to navigate. Pin your favourite devices to your home view to see multiple camera live streams right when you open the app. Plus much more.


The new Favourites section makes it easier to access the things that you care about most. See your favourite devices, automations and actions all in one place.


Find all your devices quickly in a simple list view. Check the status of your devices with ease. See if your office light is on or your kitchen speaker is still playing, with just a few taps.


Customise your devices to do what you want, when you want, with new automations in the Google Home app. Automate schedules so you don't have to worry that you left something on when you're away.

Activity and settings

Use the activity tab to better understand what's happening in and around your smart home. And easily find and manage devices, services and members in the settings tab.

Simple controls that simply work.

Quicker, more-intuitive ways to control your home, including an app for Wear OS, enhanced camera views and upgraded tools to automate and organise your smart home.

Your home, now on your wrist.

Control your smart devices from your Wear OS watch. Turn on lights, adjust thermostats or get alerts when there's a person or a package at your front door. All without having to pull out your phone.1,2,3

Better camera and timeline views.

Easily check your live camera streams and video history with the new timeline or dedicated events view. Now available in Public Preview.

See your entire home with just a tap.

Now you can view live video from your Nest cameras and doorbell, directly from the home screen in your Google Home app.

Quickly scan your video history.

Review events in your timeline easily and efficiently.

Check in on your home. Directly from your browser.

Google Home lets you see live feeds of your Nest cameras and doorbell from your browser, all in one view. Preview it today.

Routines that are anything but routine.

With Google Home, easily create helpful automations with your devices. Schedule your cameras to turn on and your doors to automatically lock at sunset. Have your lights turn off when you leave the house. And that's just the beginning.

Make your devices do more for you.

Set your security cameras to turn on after dark. Have your motion sensor turn on lights when you walk in the door. Schedule your vacuum to clean in the morning.

Peace of mind is automatic.

Lock the front door, arm the security system and turn on your cameras at the same time each night – automatically.

Sit back and relax.

Set the speaker to play your favourite party music on Friday evenings.4 Have your TV turn on when the living room lights go dark for movie night.

Google Home is ready for Matter and Thread.

Increased compatibility and confident connectivity with Matter and Thread.5 Matter helps ensure that your smart home is easier to build, faster to set up and more responsive and reliable. And Thread helps extend the overall strength, capability and reach of your smart home.

Make life easier with Matter.

Matter is the new, universal language for smart home devices. It connects and controls your Google Home and other Matter-enabled devices, so your smart home is faster to set up, and more responsive and reliable than ever.

Easier to choose devices.

Matter devices work with your Google Home and other Matter-enabled devices, making it easier to build a smart home that helps with any need.

An image of a Google Nest Mini device lying on a table

Setup is a breeze.

With Android Fast Pair for Matter, your phone can automatically detect Matter devices. So setting up new devices and connecting them to your network is easier than ever.

An image of a man and his dog, using the Google Home app from his phone

More responsive and reliable.

Matter devices connect to each other locally over your smart home network using Wi-Fi or Thread, making your devices more responsive, reliable and secure.

An image of two people in a kitchen using the Google Home app on their Nest Hub device

Control your Matter devices with Google Home.

With Matter, many of your favourite Google devices – like Nest Hub Max and Nest Mini – can connect directly to your Matter-enabled devices. No special equipment necessary.5

Explore Google devices with Matter
An image of a series of Google Home devices

Matter devices from the brands you love.

With Matter-enabled smart lighting, plugs, climate and energy controls, window coverings and shades, safety and security sensors, door locks and more; Matter's first release already supports a wide variety of device types.

An image of a man replacing a standard light bulb with a smart light bulb

Your devices do more with Thread.

Thread is the latest wireless mesh technology, designed to make your smart devices more connected and reliable. It helps extend the overall strength, capability, and reach of your home network.

Works with Thread border routers.

Most Nest smart displays and Wi-Fi devices have a Thread border router built in, so you won’t need a separate hub for adding Thread devices to your smart home.

An image of a woman with her child on their porch, using the Google Home app on her phone