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Enhanced controls and more for Google Home


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Spring 2024

Google Home update

New features in Google Home make it easier for you to control your smart home devices. Personalise your home with more convenient access and more customisation, like the new Favourites widget for Google Home on Android phones and richer controls on Wear OS.

Your smart home within reach

Android widget

Control your favourites from your home screen

Get even quicker access to your compatible smart home devices with the Favorites widget on Android. Access your thermostat or turn on your lights with just a tap.¹

Available in Public Preview.


Google Home for Wear OS

Control smart home devices quickly

You can now access a smart home device from your watch face on Wear OS. Tap the device shortcut and make adjustments, right on your wrist. 2,3

woman adjusting her Google Home smart devices from her smart watch

See more about your devices in Google Home

The Google Home app now shows you info on compatible devices, like battery status in your sensors. So you can do more without having to open another app.¹

woman checking her smart devices battery life from her tablet, while on her sofa with her little dog
an image of a user interface

Peace of mind in more places

An image of a Nest camera
An image of an Internet browser window with camera footage

Google Home for web

Go back in time

Navigate through your video history on your web browser and see the moments that you missed.4,5 Search specific dates and times, and download clips to share with others.

Try it now

Public Preview

Create automation scripts for almost anything

Go to home.google.com to create, edit or delete your scripted automations.⁶ You can also see them in the Google Home app.5

a middle-aged bald man on his laptop, using the scripted automations feature with Google Home
add automation UI
automation UI

Doorbell + tablet

Check your Pixel Tablet to see who's at the door

The Pixel Tablet can show you who's at the front door when they ring the doorbell. Talk to them with two-way talk or send a quick response.7, 8

Available in Public Preview.

Custom clips

Long clips. Short clips. Custom clips.

Customise the length of the event video clips that you download from your video history, directly in the Google Home app.9, 10 Just select the start time, then choose a clip length from the list of options.

Entertainment; upgraded

wireless headphones that can connect to smart home TV from Google Home

Fast Pair

Connect your headphones to your TV in a flash

Fast Pair makes it easy to connect your headphones with just a tap.¹¹ Use it to quickly pair your headphones to your Chromecast with Google TV so that you can listen without disturbing others.

Build your smart
home, your way

From light bulbs and plugs, to thermostats, cameras and locks, find a Works with Google Home or Matter device from your favourite smart home brands.

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