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Smart home tips for stress-free school breaks

father helping his son ride a bike in the summer time man helping child ride a bike

Google Home is your secret to thriving, not just surviving, when school's out for the kids.

There’s nothing quite as magical to kids as the words “no school.” For parents, it’s not as simple: The disruption of routines, the constant demand for activities, and the juggle of work and childcare can leave even the most mentally prepared parent feeling overwhelmed. Google Home is here to help – think personal assistant, camp counselor, and DJ all rolled into one. Here's how you can make the most of your smart home to stay organized, provide some much-needed structure, and even remind you to actually leave the house once a while.

Bring order to the chaos with help from Google

Want to keep the household running smoothly during the break? Google can help with that.

Photo of a man and woman holding a flower Photo of a man and woman holding a flower

Shared Family Calendar

No more double-booking or missed practices

Field trips, playdates, swimming lessons, and more. Make sure everyone is on the same page (and in the right place!) by sharing your family calendar so it’s easily accessible on your compatible smart displays and speakers.

mother getting kids ready for activities with google calendar to help with planning
google calendar showing blocked off time slots throughout the day with different categories to check off for organization


Let Google keep
track of your to-dos

Prioritize making memories, not wrangling to-do lists. Quickly add tasks or reminders as they occur to you, and just as quickly move on to something more fun. They’ll automatically sync to your Google Tasks so you can stay organized without missing a beat.

mother cooking at home with her daughter talking and laughing together


An oldie but a goodie to keep the peace

The classic lifesaver for managing screen time, transitioning between activities, or even those inevitable sibling squabbles. Every parent knows the power of the timer; with Google Home, setting one up any time you need it is as easy as saying “Hey Google.”

family sitting on living room couch laughing together
google home device showing the time with green and blue letters

Get out and about with Nest Wifi & Fitbit

Kids are often happiest when they're outside in the sun and fresh air. Nest Wifi and Fitbit can help get them there.

mother and daughter taking golden retriever for a walk Image of a woman and child walking a dog

Family Wi-Fi

Sunshine over screen time

Need to peel everyone away from screens? Family Wi-Fi is a parental control feature that lets you pause the Internet to any device on your Nest Wifi Pro, Nest Wifi, and Google Wifi networks. Schedule Internet time-outs in advance or pause Wi-Fi access on demand to encourage the whole family to head outdoors for a backyard adventure.

mother and daughter sitting in a field of purple flowers spending time together
nest WiFi pro in fog sitting in front of image with woman and daughter in field of flowers

Fitbit Ace LTE

Move more. Play more.

Fitbit Ace LTE is designed to get kids moving with daily goals and games that reward them for being active. And with its LTE data plan, kids can still stay in touch with calls and messaging - no Wi-Fi required.1

girl in a green outfit with a hat on playing outside wearing Fitbit Ace LTE watch
Fitbit Ace LTE watch showing the time


Put the fun in fundamentals with automations

Smart home automations help your household maintain structure. But they can also be a lot of fun. It's easy to set up automations in the Google Home app. If you're looking for something more advanced, the script editor on Google Home for web allows for even more customization.2

family sitting in the kitchen laughing as little girl pokes her brother, with a device screen showing image of kitchen speaker playing kids morning wakeup tunes and a kitchen thermostat with blue font and light blue background on device image of a family smiling

Naptime wind down

Naps can be a daily challenge with your toddler. Make sure the odds are always in your favor with an automation that closes the blinds and turns on the night light at the same time each day to help your little one wind down.2

Leviton D215P-1RW Decora Smart Grounded Wi-Fi Mini Plug-In White with a blue background
baby mobile above a crib with a swan on it

Clean-up countdown

Tidying up and putting toys away at the end of each day isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. But it can be. Why not set an automation to encourage kids to race to clean up and get to the dinner table first?2 The winner gets a prize, like extra dessert or the chance to choose the after-dinner board game.

white google nest bluetooth speaker with a teal background
green woven basket holding many stuffed animals

Dance break

Want to relieve the stress of a long day? When you can see a squabble brewing, or the kids are about to climb the walls, kick start an impromptu dance party to lift the mood.2 It's a surefire way to encourage everyone to let loose, dance, and shake out the sillies together.

smart lightbulb that changes into different colors
living room with purple ambient lighting from google smart lightbulbs

Now you're ready to dive in

Google Home isn't just a smart home platform; it's your partner in parenting, your source of fun, and your ticket to a break filled with laughter, connection - and maybe even some precious moments of peace and quiet.

father and daughter splashing and laughing in a pool